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So, you finally got that iPhone from Tech Favicon that youíve been wanting for so long, but as soon as you sit down to work it, you realize itís not easy just like your

new gaming laptop. If you were not using an iPhone before and you are just now familiarizing yourself with the iOS or Appleís operating system, then itís okay to feel a little bewildered.

And that is why we are here, to help you navigate the cool iPhone, learn how to use the apps and understand what your phone can do as well as what it cannot. Sit back and letís dive into it now.

Using the Gestures

There are plenty of phrases that come with operating the iPhone such as pinch, swipe and flick. Hearing this for the first time sounds like a foreign language but they are easy to get the hang of once youíve tried them a few times. Letís look at a few below.

Tap. This is similar to the clicking you do with your computer mouse. It lets you select the app you want or use the menu as well as selecting a choice. Tap is the basic form of controlling the iPhone.

Double Tap. Again, just like double clicking the mouse on your computer. With the double tap, you can zoom in and zoom out quickly. You can also use this function to control third party apps.

Tap, Hold and Drag. This comes with plenty of functions. You can move an app to whichever position on your screen that you like.

You can also delete the app with the tap and hold. A written prompt will appear giving you the option of deleting.

Another function is when you want to highlight a text. Tap on the text and drag the cursor to where you want the highlight to reach. You can then delete the text or copy and paste it somewhere else.

Flick and Swipe. The difference between the two is that a flick is quicker than a swipe. Swiping involves you using your finger to navigate the screen by dragging it up down, left or right. You will be able to move from one home screen to the next as well as navigating through certain apps such as photos. A flick simply moves everything faster.

Pinch. This function allows you to zoom in or out. Simply place your index finger and thumb together on the screen and separate them to zoom in and bring them together to zoom out.

Rotate. Simply place two fingers on the screen and move them anti-clockwise or clockwise depending on what you are doing.

With these tips you can work your iPhone like a pro.