Trends are the changes that happen in every creative field and web design is no different. Born of innovation and experimentation, the trends are the driving factors for change that push an industry forward for a much better future.Google trends

The web is basically a unique environment that’s constantly evolving and changing and with this in mind, here are the latest web design trends you must be aware of or expect to go viral:

More Brands Will Adopt Mobile-First Approach

As its name suggests, the mobile-first design is actually the procedure of designing for mobile and working up to bigger ones. This mobile-first approach to design is not new and has been around for several years now. Today, more and more companies are realizing the significance of having a website that delivers content effectively on smaller screens and rushing to get onboard.

Mobile web design

Visuals and design aside, the mobile-first model, as well as the restrictions it brings, is a beneficial way for brands to consider their core content. Experts predict that they anticipate to seeing more websites to take a more thoughtful approach to delivering content to the smaller screens instead of mobile design being just a thought to desktop build.

Widespread Use of Rapid Prototyping Tools

Even if this isn’t a design trend, rapid prototyping tools are one of the helpful breakthroughs to hit the world of web design and definitely a must-have tool for any UX, UI, and web designer. Rapid prototyping tools from the services including Marvel, InVision, Webflow, and UXpin enable the designers to create working high and low fidelity prototypes of websites quickly. Most of these also allow anyone to design in the browser and launch the website itself right from the tools.

Implementation of Highly Responsive Design

Everybody might be concentrated with mobile first, yet what they don’t know is that responsive design should also be one of their main priorities. Even if responsive design is something that has been around for years, what you predict to see for years is a bigger uptake in several brands, both small and big, who are building responsive-based websites.

For people who aren’t knowledgeable about responsive design, it is an approach to build a website using the CSS media queries and some flexible layouts or grids to make a dynamic or single website that adjusts and re-jigs the content to best display on different sized devices. This works hand-in-hand with the mobile first and the mobile first designs the look, and the experience, and responsive implements this.

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Authentic Photography

Photography in web design

Photography is a huge aspect and will always be a mainstay when it comes to web design, yet people also desire for authenticity from the brands they know and they use a stock, canned photo once they see one. Designers and brands will be thinking more carefully about the imagery they utilize on the website, hiring some professional photographers to take shots that frame them in the way they like to be seen. However, it will probably be a long time before much of the cringe-inducing and cheesy stock photography disappears completely, yet expect to see this fall off quickly.